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coarse machine polish


A high quality coarse machine polishing compound coarse suitable for the removal sanding scratches from P1500 and anything finer. Also suitable for the removal of car wash scratches and for the removal of orange peel giving a deep and lasting shine. Silicone free and suitable for all paint finishes including new and aged cured.

Part Number Color Size Units
8050100010 White 200ml -
8050100001 White 1Kg -
HPC Rubbing compound


HPC Rubbing compound, also known as cutting paste, is an abrasive material used to grind the surface layers of a car’sdull or damaged paint. An easy-to-use restorer, HPC rubbing compound breathes new life into a vehicle’s old paintwork, allowing consumers to apply a new top coat and achieve a smooth, even finish.

Part Number Color Size Units
800004 White 1 Kg 6

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Color Solution Mixing System

We are using color solution mixing system of HB body for 1K base paint mixing. A one component solvent borne mix system consisting of high quality acrylic resin system and pigments. Add 50-70% thinner 740 Acryl Normal / 741 Acryl Slow.

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color solution

Color Solution 2K AcrylicPaint Mix system

A two component quick drying acrylic resin based paint that has high, durable gloss as well as chemical, severe weather and mechanical durability. The wide variety of shades covers almost all car manufacturers. It is cured with an isocyanate based hardener BODY HARDENER NORMAL(#720) or 722 @ 2:1 mixing ratio.

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Industrial Paints

Fast drying 1K alkyd based mix system for any verity colors of paints for industrial use.

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